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 Happiness, Reason and Consciousness

Philosophy for All

  Why are a bunch of volunteer philosophers hosting events for the wider public? - Because;

  • they love people as well as philosophy
  • to make the benefits they have got from philosophy available and accessible to everybody

Events Coming up

·        The Grantchester Lectures – A feast of discovery

·        Peterborough Philosophy in the Park – Monthly

See below for details

If there is a subject that you would like to explore with others through the medium of philosophy, please let us know. We are always happy to get new and interesting issues to tackle.


Summer lectures


                          Food Glorious Food     1 June

We all need it. Ideas about it come and go, but what do we really know about

food? What can we rely on? 

Speaker: Clare Brennan


                           Shakespeare         29 June

“…not of an age but for all time”.

Join us in a celebration of Shakespeare’s magical plays and sonnets.

Speakers: Stephen Bagnold with Patti Wray and Martin Bloomfield


           “Third” World Philosophy       27 July

Can the lifestyles of the Native Americans, the Ubuntu tradition of Africa, the Maoris and Aborigines and the Shamans provide much needed guidance in today’s uncertain world. If we listen to them, what might be the effect upon western values, upon family life, environmental issues and global warming?

Speaker: Michael Snow


                 The Will and the Power   17 Aug

Why is it that we often lack the willpower needed to carry out what we want? What is stopping us, and how do we rectify this situation?

Speaker: Ranko Pinter


     Trees, Bees and Philosophy          14 Sep

We rely upon the natural world to supply our physical needs but our relationship with that world is currently far from harmonious. Restoring our harmony with nature can not only make our material future more secure, it can help us fulfil our deeper human potential.

Speaker: John De Val

         Philosophy has been discussed beneath the trees of the Orchard at Grantchester for over a century with a cast including Wittgenstein, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell. The Summer lectures still draw those interested in finding meaning and truth every year to this magical place.  Starting at 10:15am ‘til 12:15 with a break halfway.


 For more information please call 0845 450 3688


The Orchard Tea Rooms can be reached by taking Junction 11 off the M11, following the signs to Grantchester and turning left off the road to Trumpington.  Be careful; the entrance is very easy to pass.  Alternatively, it can be reached by cycling or walking the riverside from Cambridge. Do try the wonderful home-made scones! Please note there is a charge now for parking, which can be used towards paying for food and drink.

This is an opportunity to explore a variety of philosophical topics in the lovely setting of The OrchardTea Gardens, Grantchester. These talks, from 10.15 am to noon, are open to all and are free of charge.


Philosophy in the Park

2018/19 season


A  series of talks and discussions in the friendly and comfortable surroundings

of the Buttercross tearoom in Central Park, Peterborough.

Free of charge and open to all.

Subjects chosen by you are;

September                            Can you trust your thoughts?           

October                                 Ambition – a good thing or a bad thing?

November                             How to maintain well-being in a world run by idiots?

December                             Is there a cure for a heavy heart?

January*                                Is anxiety a reflection of the state of the ego?

February                               Is a society based on money a bad thing?

March                                    Is there a place in the world for love and kindness or are                                                                                           love and kindness all there is?

April                                       What will it take to end war?

May                                        How to make the best of the life we have “Living Life Fully”

June                                        How do we unite society despite politics and religion?

July                                         Can the arts change society or do they just reflect them?

August                                   What if we’re all God?


Each session starts at 10.00 a.m. on the first Saturday each month and finishes noonish with a break halfway. The park is ten minutes’ walk from the town centre and parking is in park crescent, PE1 4DY.

*except January- Soul Happy








Updates available at


Spriggs Farm

‘Music of the Tudors’

Sunday 7th July 2019


With traditional English cream teas from 4.30pm, music at 6.00pm


Discantvs, the choir of the School in London, will sing music by Thomas Tallis, Christopher Tye, Orlando Gibbons, Jeremiah Clarke, Tony Russell and Mozart, with instrumental interludes for Recorder Consort

Spriggs is a Tudor farm in a beautifully tranquil setting

Fields, ponds, wild life, trees, flowers and a rowing boat to explore from the water

Spriggs Farm, Water End, Ashdon, Saffron Walden, admission: £15

For reservations call 07867 802834 or email easop@hotmail.co.uk