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 Happiness, Reason and Consciousness

Philosophy for All

  Why are a bunch of volunteer philosophers hosting events for the wider public? - Because;

  • they love people as well as philosophy
  • to make the benefits they have got from philosophy available and accessible to everybody

Events Coming up

·        The Grantchester Lectures – A feast of discovery

·        Peterborough Philosophy in the Park – Monthly

See below for details

If there is a subject that you would like to explore with others through the medium of philosophy, please let us know. We are always happy to get new and interesting issues to tackle.

 Grantchester lectures


Hope you enjoyed these lectures. There will be more to come so watch this space.

         Philosophy has been discussed beneath the trees of the Orchard at Grantchester for over a century with a cast including Wittgenstein, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell. The Grantchester lectures persist in drawing many of those interested in finding meaning and truth every year to this magical place.  Starting at 10:15am ‘til 12:15 with a break halfway.


 For more information please call 0845 450 3688


The Orchard Tea Rooms can be reached by taking Junction 11 off the M11, following the signs to Grantchester and turning left off the road to Trumpington.  Be careful; the entrance is very easy to pass.  Alternatively, it can be reached by cycling or walking the riverside from Cambridge. Do try the wonderful home-made scones! Please note there is a charge now for parking, which can be used towards paying for food and drink.

This is an opportunity to explore a variety of philosophical topics in the lovely setting of The OrchardTea Gardens, Grantchester. These talks, from 10.15 am to noon, are open to all and are free of charge.


Philosophy in the Park

2019/20 season


A  series of talks and discussions in the friendly and comfortable surroundings

of the Buttercross tearoom in Central Park, Peterborough.

Free of charge and open to all.

Subjects chosen by you are;

September              Relationships, reconciling love and lust, why is monogamy the default state?

October                    What are the differences between being well-educated and intelligent? Is there such a thing as universal 


November                 What is reality?

December                 Anxiety II – Is it avoidable?

January*                    Is there anyone who is truly open-minded?

February                   How can we deal with negativity in ourselves and others?

March                        What does it mean to be authentic? Can we truly be authentic?

April                           Should we rely on religion for moral values?

May                            Do people keep busy just to hide the fact that their lives have no real purpose?

June                           “Suffering comes from desire, eliminate desire and you eliminate suffering”. What does the Dalai Lama mean? July                                    Confidence – How to meet new and sometimes scary situations?

August                       Sincerity and integrity, how do these work post-truth? What is truth anyway?


Each session starts at 10.00 a.m. on the first Saturday each month and finishes noonish with a break halfway. The park is ten minutes’ walk from the town centre and parking is in park crescent, PE1 4DY.

*except January- In the Jazz bar above When Polly met Fergie








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