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 School of Economic Science – Happiness, Reason and Consciousness

Philosophy for All

  Why are a bunch of volunteer philosophers hosting events for the wider public?

 Their motivation is;

  • they love people as well as philosophy
  • to make the benefits they have got from philosophy available and accessible to everybody
  • to stimulate enquiry into life’s most important questions

Events Coming up

·         Peterborough Philosophy in the  Park – Monthly

·         The Grantchester Lectures – A feast of discovery

·         Summer Programme at Spriggs Farm

See below for details

If there is a subject that you would like to explore with others through the medium of philosophy, please let us know. We are always happy to get new and interesting issues to tackle.



Philosophy in the Park

2017/18 season


A  series of talks and discussions in the friendly and comfortable surroundings

of the Buttercross tearoom in Central Park, Peterborough.

Free of charge and open to all.

Subjects chosen by you are;

September                           Living your true life          

October                                Is the answer to everything Physics?

November                            What should I do with the life that we have left!

December                            Thoughts; do I control them or do they control me?  

January*                               Fear – How to control it

February                               Love and Kindness

March                                    Does materialism help us to be happy?

April                                       The fundamental interconnectedness of everything

May                                       Relative and absolute truth

June                                       What is reality?

July                                         Forgiveness – do we ever really forgive?

August                                   Consciousness – does it really exist?


Each session starts at 10.00 a.m. on the first Saturday each month and finishes noonish with a break halfway. The park is ten minutes’ walk from the town centre and parking is in park crescent, PE1 4DY.

*except January- Tearoom of St John’s in Cathedral Square.





Summer lectures

10:15 - noon

What Can You Do For Your Country?  19 May

What is our relationship with our country, our government and our local communities? Do we play a role in shaping the world around us or do we live as individuals with unreasonable expectations of what our political leaders should provide for us? And what have philosophers had to say about the relationship between the public and the state?  .

Speaker: David Finlay

Philosophy and Decision Making 30 June

What is the right action, right now? Philosophers, poets, dramatists have all explored this question. Much is covered in the realm of ethics and morality. This talk will explore the question in the light of personal, spiritual development, using Western and Eastern, ancient and modern texts.

Speaker: Stephen Silver

                        Robots Are Coming!  28 July

More and more human tasks are being taken over by robots. As a result they are increasingly permeating the fabric of our daily living without most of us being conscious of it. This talk will explore the long-term implications for humanity and our role in creation.

Speaker: Ranko Pinter

                 Who Were the Gnostics? 18 Aug

Were they heretics or divinely inspired mystics? Recent discoveries have given access to wonderful and surprising Gnostic teaching. Perhaps, by listening to what the Gnostics have to tell us, we might progress towards an inclusive, holistic and unifying human existence in the 21st century.

Speaker: Michael Snow

                                Law by Consent  15 Sep

An amazing part of the heritage of these islands is the Common Law of England; law by consent.  Constantly evolving right up to this day, it reflects principles going back to the beginnings of time, including those described by Moses, Plato, Augustine, King Alfred, Henry II, and William Blackstone the English jurist.  

Speaker: Ian Murdoch


                   Philosophy has been discussed beneath the trees of the Orchard at Grantchester for over a century with a cast including Wittgenstein, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell. The Summer lectures still draw those interested in finding meaning and truth every year to this magical place.  Starting at 10:30am ‘til 12:30 with a break halfway.



 For more information please call 0845 450 3688


The Orchard Tea Rooms can be reached by taking Junction 11 off the M11, following the signs to Grantchester and turning left off the road to Trumpington.  Be careful; the entrance is very easy to pass.  Alternatively, it can be reached by cycling or walking the riverside from Cambridge. Do try the wonderful home-made scones! Please note there is a charge now for parking, which can be used towards paying for food and drink.





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Water End, Ashdon, Saffron Walden CB10 2NA






Both start at 7.30pm, but those wishing to meditate with us should arrive by 6.45 pm.  They are free of charge. Drinks will be available for which a donation would be welcome to cover costs (e.g. £1.50 for glass of wine).

The evenings will be informal, held outside round the BBQ fire if the weather is clement, indoors otherwise.  There will be a small amount of introductory material – participants are most welcome to bring their own ideas, quotes and readings.  Finish – appx.9.30pm. All EASoP members welcome. No need to pre - book, but for further information call 01799 584156/07867 802834.