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Philosophy and Economics


No special qualifications are required, just a willingness to have a go at whatever is heard and understood. However, those versed in academic philosophy can also find this practical approach to living philosophically very interesting. Students are asked each week to try out for themselves the concepts presented and to discuss them the following week. Each session evolves according to the questions of the students

In Cambridge an introductory course is given as 6 meetings in the evening each term. Also a course in Mindful Philosophy running for 10 weeks on Tuesday Mornings.

 Advanced courses follow on for those who want to take their understanding deeper.

The Peterborough foundation course in Practical Philosophy is divided into three themed 10 week foundation terms each year. It is on Tuesday mornings. See Next Course for times, prices and venues.

Peterborough Foundation Explorations

Autumn – Philosophy and Love

Spring –Philosophy and reason

Summer –Philosophy of Happiness

The aim is to develop our sense of perspective and to experience directly philosophy’s  richness and practical value in daily life, expanding our appreciation of ourselves and enjoyment  of the world around us.

There is no attempt to cover all philosophical systems, but there is plenty for anyone interested in the big questions of life and the world around us. Each weekly morning session lasts about two and a half hours, including a break for refreshment.

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Cambridge Mindful Philosophy Course

Mindfulness is a way of living philosophically every day to live a full and joyful life. This course gives weekly practical ways to make this kind of life possible and the course aims to equip the students with the tools to steadily refine and enrich their daily experience of life.

Running every Tuesday morning from 10:30

Entire course £50

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Cambridge Introductory philosophy course


The aim of philosophy is to set people free; free from pressure and free from worry; free to grow, free to be themselves.

So it seems fitting that a philosophy course should itself be free.

This six session Practical Philosophy course looks at life and its meaning, the world and its causes

It considers what holds us back? What sets us free? Based on the classic philosophies of East and West, it invites students to see life as a place to test the words of the wise.

Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge at 19.30 on Tuesday evenings from 24th January

Do feel free to join us*

* note a £5 administration charge will apply.

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For those who would like to go deeply into mindful philosophy there is also a ten week foundation course running from 10:15 to 12:30am every Tuesday from 10th January, course fee £50

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When the euro was introduced, it was hoped that it would be the means of generating a shared prosperity in Europe. But it is now clear that what was designed to promote unity is just as likely to tear the EU apart. This five week series of talks and discussion will consider how this possibility has come to pass.


No previous knowledge of economics is necessary.


Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm from 28th January to 25th February


At Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington St. Cambridge.


Cost  £30 . Enrolment on first session attended.

Individual sessions £7.    





We meet informally at the Orchard Tea Gardens at Grantchester on Tuesdays afternoons, from 2.30-4.00 pm. We will studying the dialogue called Protagoras. Anybody is welcome to join us. No previous acquaintance with Plato is necessary. There is no charge although people are encouraged to purchase refreshments at the Orchard.

The first meeting next term will be on 17th January.

If you are interested in joining, please contact John

De Val at