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Happiness, Reason and Consciousness                                                                                                                                               Last updated 21st September 2019



May all be happy!


Philosophy is the love of wisdom.


Wisdom is the art of living life

truly and happily.


Who would not want to possess

this art?


People are not disturbed by events but by their opinions about them. - Epictetus


The School of Philosophy, Cambridge exists to make the great philosophical teachings of the world available to everyone.


The answers to the great questions of life are sought;


                Who am I?


What is my purpose in life?


How is true happiness found?


A life that is unexamined is

         a life not worth living”                    -    Socrates


It is a noetic approach, which put briefly means that we use our subjective experience of our internal and external world to understand and develop our relationships with ourselves and the world.

Introductory courses are offered which allow you to explore these questions using simple practical exercises to test out the thoughts of some of the great philosophers and make them useful in daily life.

It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded inquisitive people.


People are not disturbed by events but by their opinions about them. - Epictetus


Practical philosophy is suitable both for those who are meeting it for the first time and those who have an academic training in philosophy and want to try a method of making philosophy practical.



Why not give it a try?


“In twenty years’ time


 you will be more disappointed


 at what you didn’t do


 than at what you did do”


      Mark Twain